Originally founded by Scotty Stoughton in 1999 as 30TH Street Productions, BE has grown at the grassroots level in the Mountains of Central Colorado. Hailing from the Atlantic Coast and grounded in the Rocky Mountains, Stoughton brings passion and inspiration from a traveler’s perspective.  At the heart of all his endeavors, Scotty is an artist, activist and adventurist. He lives and breathes through life and the world that holds its sound waves. On stage as front man with Bonfire Dub or behind the scenes producing a festival, Stoughton values music as more than a platform where rhythm meets beat. For him, it’s what sets the stage for a life worth living, a vision worth having and a dream worth sharing. Stoughton and Bonfire Entertainment put a spotlight on community and interpersonal connection, and the overall impact we all have on the land on which we stand. His support of nonprofit organizations, along with local involvement through music and the river sports company he co-founded, Stand Up Paddle Colorado, keeps his hands moving quickly without ever losing the beat of the drum.